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Waiting on Divinity

July 27 2018 

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Feel Music Again


Based in Atlanta. Shadow The ArchAngel Fuses hip-hop with 80s Pop/Rock and R&B to create a frequency that will both inspire and infect you.

The long story

Most people may have cracked if they were dealt the cards of this budding Pop Star. Born in Cincinnati Ohio 1992, raised in Boston Massachusetts. While growing up in a broken home, Joshua Samuel Hines was later trapped in the Atlanta foster care system, angry at life and at his very existence.  Music freed Shadow The ArchAngel, from the madness he called “life”, at the age of 14. He began crafting acapella songs while juggling daily life chores such as school, cleaning, and working. In his music is where he found happiness.

Heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, Shadow The ArchAngel uses high energy & infectious rhythms and melodies at the core of his creative process. He was raised in an urban environment where stories in rap music have become a pivotal factor in how he crafts his songs.  The creativity of Kanye west, the poetic schemes of Tupac, the cadences of Biggie Smalls, and the clever anecdotes of Jay-Z, have all inspired Shadow in how he writes music. Shadow’s goal is to tell stories in the form of pop songs. These stories can be as simple as sex, or as complex as keeping faith in humanity and in oneself.

In July 2015, Shadow the ArchAngel won the Akademia award for best R&B/HIP HOP song. His debut single “Sex Maniac” was produced by Kingpin Beats, and was a true capture of how he intends to combine genres into a fluid sound. Released in 2012 and remastered and rereleased in 2015, “Sex Maniac” has become a musical masterpiece in the eyes of many listeners.

Music is not the only platform Shadow the ArchAngel uses to portray his artwork. He is also a filmmaker. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Production, he is hands-on with all visual and editorial decisions. Shadow intends to use his knowledge in media production to cater to his fans more frequently, and his counterparts in an array of different avenues. Which means the creation ranges from short-films, in-depth Music Videos, to as light hearted as MEMEs for laughs. According to thenextbigsound.com, his fan engagement reaches 600% higher than statistically expected. Shadow takes an innovative approach to marketing and promoting his brand, by inspiring fans to become involved in his music making process. This has allowed him to create genuine relationships with his fans.

The Pop Artist is currently working on the music video and campaign of his new single “Cat & Mouse" The music video is in preparation for his upcoming LP & EP releases “Waiting on Divinity & Divinely Human” With the support of fans in both the United States, the United Kingdom, France and the Philippines, Shadow is planning a regional tour in the United States.

He then plans to extend the tour nationally and internationally, giving fans his heart and passion to the highest quality. Shadow The ArchAngel intends to transform the role of the urban R&B artist back into mainstream pop by infusing lyrical content and storytelling into each song. He is reintroducing the importance of the fan by developing genuine relationships with them, leading to truly engaged tours, in order to celebrate a vast community of fans who truly love what he creates.  


Guilty Pleasure
— 24our music
Everyone’s favorite pastime gets a unique testimonial. Shadow The Archangel’s seductively paced R&B opus is the definitive soundtrack to bedroom exploits.
— Akademia Award winner July 2015
Started out with a diversity of genres with the inspirational messages of Shadow the ArchAngel,
— Red and Black ATHFEST 2016

Short Bio:

Based in Atlanta, Shadow The ArchANgel fuses Hip-Hop with 80s pop/Rock and R&B to create a frequency that will both inspire and infect you.


2016 Interview