Everyone is talking about Machine Gun Kelly versus Eminem off of his new diss the "Rap Devil." The only thing I can think about is the possible aftermath; Eminem coming with a relentless and ruthless rebuttal. People forget that Eminem has a background in battle rap; real, live & in person battle rap. So for people in the new social media age to just count Eminem down and out like he lost is a little hasty. In music in today; social media seems to be the judge of who wins or who loses a rap battle these days. But hopefully people's opinions can be unbiased once all the rebuttals are out in the forefront. 

Machine Gun Kelly did go very hard in his diss he said a lot of memorable topics like how he is the same as Eminem; by having a daughter and just trying to make a living for his self and his daughter. Also how Eminem has tried allegedly tried to block him and he tried to get MGK to apologize for certain things that he said six years ago. MGK also touches on how generally Eminem is acting more so like a spoiled brat than the God MC that he claims to be.

But Eminem is a legend lyrically he is not someone that should be taken lightly and just counted out with one diss. He has experience with beef and rap battles so I am more so interested to see how the entire track battles between these two will go.

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Nicki Minaj's 'Queen' Is Out Today

According to billboard Nicki Minaj's Album Queen is out today. Personally I have been excited for her new project because when Nicki Minaj dropped her single "Chung Li" it was really different from the normal mumble rap sound of today. Then when I seen the music video I was surprisingly  surprised how artistic the music video was; even though she still of played around with her sex appeal it still was a lot of creative aspect to the video. Please let me know your thoughts of the album if you have heard it. I have not heard the album yet because I cannot find it on Spotify but you all let me know what you think and let me know how you enjoyed it.


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Michael J. Fox is not Dead


If you come from the Era that I do. You know Michael J. Fox from the "Back to the future" franchise, Stuart Little and Family Ties. There is a hoax going on claiming that he's dead. BUT.... he is in fact alive and well. The website that first put the information out copied Yahoo news URL with a slight variation to click bait people into believing this hoax. 

So fans can rest easy knowing that Michael J. Fox is alive and well.

He is well known these days for his advocacy for Parkinson's disease. The fake site tried to manipulate the facts of his advocacy for their sick click bait hoax..... 


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Rich The Kid did he really die?


Rich the kid posted a very morbid post on his Instagram today that had the words RIP in his IG


Me personally I just really hope that this is a real situation only because if it is not a real situation and this is a marketing tactic. I feel that the culture is getting too dependent on attention seeking instead of really creating groundbreaking experiences for the fans.

If Rich the kid is really going through a hard time. A stressful time where he feels like he wants to end it all. I hope that he reaches out to friends, family and fans. I personally think Rich the kid is a very talented artist even though that I do not particularly listen to everything he does. But I do see his movement and I feel like if this is just a marketing tactic this is something that he does not have to do. 

And if he's upset about his deal or if he's upset about his situation and circumstance I just pray that the brother understand that everything in life is only temporary. And that sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. He may be in a situation that he doesn't want to be in right now. But the sun always rises and there is always hope as long as you don't give up.

This is not a post about me trying to give you all of the facts this is just my personal opinion my analysis on the situation. And I hope that this is not a marketing tactic because there are real people out here dealing with suicidal thoughts and depression. You shouldn't speak death on yourself. You shouldn't speak death on your fans. You shouldn't play with death because death is in your tongue per the bible & law of attraction.


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MoviePass subscribers getting shortchanged?

According to a post made by MoviePass is low on funds and now subcribers are no longer having access to the new hollywood blockbusters that they signed up for.  What happen? apparently they made a guesstimation that if they as the company take the upfront cost of buying movie tickets at full price then sell for low to the customers for digital access. That eventually the major studios and cinemas would jump in and split the bill. 

That never happen. So their entire business model seems to be crumbling. Customers are now experiencing price increases. Theaters like AMC are not having any content shown on the site. 

For a more detailed post about what is going on


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BE SAFE: Project Youngin Allegedly Shot While Sitting In His Car On IG Live!

Once again allegedly another rapper from florida appears to have been shot on live. What is going on with our culture of hip hop and rap music? That we now see this increase in violence towards artists. I know some will say these rappers bring it on themselves. But why can't rappers enjoy the fruits of their labor most successful business men live large. Most listeners won't even listen to a struggling artist. Most people want to see rappers flash, they want to see rappers stunt; they want to champion a winner. There is only 2 major rappers in my mind that have made it to a large audience without doing such stunts. Kendrick & J cole. Rapper Project Youngin his target market is the hood from what I have heard from listening to his music.

It is sad that target market will destroy you if given the opportunity. I know it is hard out here for normal people. I may be an artist but I go through my struggles as well. So you may see these flashy rap artists if you are improvished as a "lick" or a come up. But these rappers are real people with real families. And most of the flash and braggadocio stunts are for marketing. Because from what I know from being an artist; most people don't care until they see you winning. Until they see you shinning. And it is sad that someone is out there plotting on you to take what little you may have. Most of the time the flash is all they have to get you to listen to their real passion which is there music. If audience start accepting rappers without the flash more often. The need to be extravagant will not be a neccesity for these artists who have these targets that need to see this flash. Before they will support the artist. Because if no one was buying it. No one will sell it. Prayers go up to Project Youngin. Hopefully he is okay. And hopefully he will be careful about where he does his promo IG videos.

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The Lonely life of the musician/entrepreneur

The Lonely life of the musician/entrepreneur

I once heard a quote from Michael Jackson. That  “people don’t see the work that goes into a project; they see result of work, which is the final project/product.“In more or less words, yes, I am paraphrasing what he said. But ultimately I hope you can see the truth in his words. A lot of work goes into doing something from scratch. Taking an idea or a vision in your mind and using all of your reality to make the dream tangible.

That is where the loneliness comes in. Yes of course through your journey you have friends, family and even romance as a musician/entrepreneur. But the journey shows you that the gulf will only become bigger; the more focused you become, to make the idea in your mind’s eye something that could be seen, felt and even tasted. As you eat more expensive meals as the success comes. But they loneliness will come. And you could be surrounded with a room full of people. While sharing a bed with a whole person and still feel completely isolated.

But why is that? Why do many of us serious musicians and serious entrepreneurs feel so alone. I cannot give a universal answer but I can give my perspective and observation why I believe this isolation we feel is so common.  Imagine you are in a crowd of people. And that crowd of people is moving north. But you see “something” that turns you in the opposite direction, south. You cannot stop yourself. You cannot just follow the crowd of people moving north. Because that “something” you see is burning the back of your head the more you travel north. But when you travel south against the crowd. You have to push and slide by and bow to some people to get by. And you have to do this repeatedly. But that burning you felt moving north; away from that “something” turns into Pure Joy. 

The rift in your relationships comes in when you try to grab people who are following the crowd. They cannot see what you see; so they tell you to “stop” “wait” “slow down” “turn around” They may speak it. Or they may show it in action. By requiring the effort it takes to move towards the “something.” So you can either carry them or let them go. The “something” is not real yet. So you cannot reason with the reasonable. You can’t touch the “something” yet so you won’t make sense to the sensible.

We as musician/entrepreneurs are willing to suffer to get to that “something” but everyone that you cross paths with on the journey will not see what you see. Also, you will not be able to force them. So as you go further towards that “something” you are looking for. More and more will drop off. Until the faithful day that you met someone else who is going south instead of north with you. And you can walk and slide by and bow to some people to get by. To reach that something. XXXtentacion spoke a lot of depression and loneliness even after success. Because the money wasn't the subsitute for genuine love. 

Ever wondered why your not getting booked?

You want to know why you’re not getting booked? You overselling your draw! The draw is the biggest and main reason why music artists get booked. When you’re hot and you can draw people to the venue, the world is yours. IF you’re new like me with a little fan base, then you have a lot of dues to pay. Open mics, paid auditions and possibly being swindled doing both of these things. How do you get out of this cycle? You have to increase YOUR draw.

To do that you have to get certain things in order, with that I have to ask certain questions

·      Do you have a press kit?

·      How many fans WILL come to your shows?

·      Do you understand what your fans want to see?

·      Have you perfected and have a routine to your live show?

·      Have you came up with a target market, where your music will be best performed?

There are a lot of things you must asset before being able to get booked. You must have an appeal to your fans to see your live show. Read and research what is best for your genre. Focus your bookings with organized contacts and follow up with each venue to see what do they expect from the draw.

The Social Media Power AD list

The Power Ad List


Here is a list of Ads you could use to increase the exposure to your music


·      Facebook Ads Also has IG ads $2 - $500 a day

·      Google Ads $10 – $999999 a day

·      WordStar video placements $750 - $5000 a day (most effective at $5000)

·      Reverbnation


This is a light list of Ads, Which will help the exposure of your music. WordStar will catapult your exposure to the most massive audience quickly if you don’t have a fan base. But it takes a lot of cheese lol. Keep fighting!. If this blog has helped you. Make sure you like, comment and share. Feel free to ask questions.

Funding your music

Funding your music can be very stressful and tedious. Having to work a regular job just to fuel something you believe in, sucks.   But unless you have very good credit or a rich parent or sign a deal which is basically going to rape you until you have the fame to go successfully independent. You could feel stuck and you can feel like it’s hopeless when it comes to funding your music. 

I want to tell you that you can make money from your music to fund your music. But your skin will have to be very thick. Lets say you don’t have enough money to do anything but record get a light mix and some CDs printed. I know for a lot of us. It is awkward and in some cases illegal to hit the streets and sell your CDs. But this is a real and tangible way besides your Job or Jobs to make some income to finance other aspects of your career.

With this will come the losing the fear of rejection or someone throwing your CD on the ground. Just let them do what there going to do. But if your backs against the wall and you truly believe in your music, I can give you some salesmanship tips that can help you.

·      Introduce your self

·      Give them a reason why they should want to “own” the music. Don’t say “buy”

·      Tell them they can give a donation of their choosing. Your result will vary but it will make people more comfortable to give you something for your music.


Need a Lyric video? Have you ever heard of Superstring?

Need a lyric video? Don’t know how to edit? I have come across this awesome app for your computer for both MAC OS and Windows called superstring 2. They make creating a lyric video very easy and simple for even the most novice of an editor. The app has some cool features like: Your words will bounce to the beat. You can manipulate fonts and colors and even images of the background. If you are looking to create a simple lyric video, it is a $40 program if you don’t want the watermark all up in your video. Also you can check out a quick and simple one I have created for my song “hate drugs” below.


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Is it time for my video yet?

You got a song. When is it time to shoot your music video?  What song should you do? For that you got to ask yourself or research. What is the purpose of a music video? It is usually to promote and further expose a single to get more sales or downloads.  Then we go back to the question when is it time? 

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

In my professional opinion a video, being successful and being watched has many factors. Do you have a demand yet? Have you worked the single long enough to where there is a clear demand for the music video? If not you should work the audio a bit more. 

Especially if you don’t have a fan base or are your working on growing one. You should work your single at least until you have 1,000 organic streams on every platform. In my opinion. Some people rush to drop videos quickly with singles.  This as an indie artist can reflect poorly on your brand. If the video is not well executed.

Drake Hotline Bling   

Drake Hotline Bling


Some people chose to do videos to songs that people haven’t really heard yet from their project. I have seen this done. Because people use the logic of starting small on a throw away song, while they build their money up for a big budget video for their popular song.

You can’t really depend on that method. Because in the big leagues. Who do you see successfully doing that? Sure, there are some. But most funnel their efforts on a single song. Doing variations of videos for the one song. A fan video (a compilation of people singing their song.)  A Lyric video, this is becoming more and more popular in today’s market. Also some even shoot a simple viral music video and then shoot a clear official video. Because you might run into the danger of over saturating yourself with who everyone watching your movement by doing all these different videos to songs that you haven't condition the people for. Some might respect your grind. But most will be alienated.

All these videos can become so much income for you with one song. If you followed my last blog on “want to get paid royalties without a record deal.” With all these different videos you can amass views and get paid from them if you put codes on all your content.  The beauty is your making royalties off the same song in inventive ways. That’s the key when you’re an indie artist. You maximize your income even if it’s 100 bucks here, 10 bucks there. You work the system. For more detailed questions and answers sign up and message me. We can all eat off this music together.

Tunecore vs CD Baby


In this new digital age of online distribution you have worldwide exposure at your fingertips. You have a lot of choices of whom you will have distribute your music. Since, most artist only know of these two companies (Tune Core and CD baby).  I will talk about the pros and cons of each.

CD baby is initially more expensive for their Pro Distributions package running you close to $60 for the distribution of one song. But they allow you to retain the ownership of all your ISRCs and UPCs upon purchase and CD baby comes with a lot of collection and enforcement perks.

Tune core is initially cheaper for distribution but charges you more for the back end of the distribution of your money once the funds come in. It is $9 for the initial distribution and $10 for youtube collection, $2 for Facebook collection and $75 for a publishing fee. Now they do their job very well. But this might not be necessary if your not selling a lot of music right now. 

Also, if you allow them to code your music. They essentially own the rights to your music until you pay your publishing fee and cannot collect your money until you pay that fee.

So as a musician it’s up to you and reading the pros and cons of each company and what situation works best for you.

Want to get paid royalties with out a record deal?

Want to get paid royalties with out a record deal?

You’re broke. You’re a starving musician and you keep making these videos and sound content that gains a lot of views hoping to get discovered overnight. Let me tell you the truth. You’re dumb. There is no reason for you not to be profiting off your music right now. Even If it’s 5 or 10 dollars at a time it adds up. Right now your probably asking self “Wait how? Selling CDs, Selling Merch?”

How In the F#$k do I build a fan base?

Building a fan base comes only after deciding several key factors in your art. Who am I? Who am I talking to? Where do they hang out? What do they want to hear? How do I satisfy them and keep them engaged. Basically find out whom you are targeting.

In the beginning of my journey as a musician I didn’t know who I was talking to. Which led me to get no results. In a result this made me frustrated with music and I actually gave up for a couple of years. Once you decide what your voice is going to be. It will make your journey a lot easier. For example, Trey Songz caters to women who have secret sexual desires, hint the self proclaimed “Mr. steal your girl” title and the adulteress songs he makes (that are dope af). Migos and Gucci cater to the trap and the hood. 

These artists understand their target audience and satisfy what they want to hear with in their music genre. How they market, what they say and even what they post about reflects this target market. From the trap houses of Atlanta to the woman in another man’s bedroom, you can please your audience by knowing whom you are talking to. Find out whom you are talking to and try to stay in the general range of what your target audience wants to hear from you.

Don’t market your POP music about raves and party foam in a Bankhead, GA barbershop. Your target audience is not there. It is going to frustrate and discourage you that no one is responding to your music.

Now that you have figured out whom you are talking to. Another way to start from ground zero. Start featuring on other established indie artists who are talking to the same general audience. Like how Trey Songz and Chris brown did a tour together. They both helped the other gain more and a different fan base that where not as expose to their music. 

Hold competitions and raffles to build buzz about your music. Giving incentives to your fans will make people want to support you and even make it fun for them. Each fan should be gaining you ten other fans. Now don’t be a jerk or overbearing about sharing. No one likes a spammer. I am guilty of this a lot. I had to learn to chill. Let the people make the choice to listen from your marketing or unique promo.

Again once you built your self up with fans. Keep thinking of new ways to keep them engaged with photos, videos and tweets. Become other people’s fans. Don’t be selfish you are not Michael Jackson… yet. Like some photos, share some other artists songs and comment on some art you like. This will bring positive energy.

Most of all is consistency. Fans and even haters respect consistency. Don’t give up. This is not an overnight path. Do your research, make a plan and stick to it. 

Remember your fans are everything. You are nothing with out your fans. Peace out.