Cyber Macking Guide: It goes down in the DM

Cyber Macking. Yes it exists. Ever since the magic of the Internet came about. Our entire social structure has drastically changed. And how we interact. Now all the old school players who are use to putting in work on the streets, hollering at girls in the parking lot. Now have to study a new art form of picking up chicks. Oh yea, ladies. you to have a new and even more convenient way of going through droves of men as you look for mister right. With out the notable stresses of reality. Cyber Macking.

Yes! It goes down in the DM. You may ask? how do I find or talk to the person I like? What site is best? How do I avoid ”thirst” and portray interest without becoming just another profile pic? This is a blog for the ones who are out of touch with the times.

I am not going to say anything in this blog that is going to be absolute fact.  I am just going to give my opinion and light analysis. Feel free to comment on anything I may have said.

Firstly, I am going to start with Facebook. In my humble opinion, you aren’t getting any action from FB. Unless you knew that person from somewhere in reality and you are using it as a way to get reconnected. But to use Facebook as an icebreaker to get some booty, its not happening, pimp. Ladies I know you all get attention what ever site you get on. So, for y’all it’s just a matter of quality of what is being thrown at you.

Instagram….. Oh yeah! this baby right here is good for some flirtation and some good meet up results, If you learn how to instaflirt. How do you instaflirt? Like flirting in real life, styles vary. But some things I have seen work. Like some pics, drop some light witty comments on a sexy picture. Provoke some thought, and then hit her with some emjois here and there. Let her return the love. Then you slide in the DMs like heyyyyy.. Seriously, shit works if you’re light on the spam and contact her with patience.

POF. If you have not heard of POF, good you’re still pure. If you know what POF is... you’re a whore and your going to hell. I’ll see you there. But in all seriousness POF or plenty of fish website is where a facebook like site tries to be like digital speed dating. But it is filled with prostitutes and desperate people both men and women looking for LOVE, quick sex or Solicitation of Ass.

You can find me on POF as artist lol. Still promoting my self and music.  Seriously…. But that is beside the point. In my opinion you can’t get too many genuine connections but boy let me tell you, you can get some meet ups. Avoid the prostitutes’ cause there some desperate heartbroken women you can get with a little time and patience. Sounds evil. I know… but only if your into that sort of exploitation. Ladies this site is not for you. If you’re looking for love. Lets be real.

Tinder is for whores.

Blender is for whores

Mocospace is for whores

Tagged is for whores

0_0 deadass

That was my light guide on Cyber macking.

Let me know what you think. Do you disagree? I am open to learn. Or do you have something to add?