Was you playing your song? I wasn't paying attention....

So you got a lot of views… But how long are you keeping your audience engaged for? Have you looked at your insights and analytics to your music? If all of what I am saying to you seems foreign, we have a lot talk about.

In music, understanding your audience retention is important. It lets you understand if people are actually enjoying what content you are releasing. Without taking the time to look at these numbers. You’re essentially; going in blind about what people are responding to negatively or positively.  You are robbing yourself of the information that can be used to shape how long or short you should make your material.  Or if people just plain don’t like what music you are putting out. (Hey, it happens.)

Learning these statistics will empower you to know how to keep more people interested. Leading to building a following.

So, many of the social media platforms we use for fun, give us powerful analytic tools that we as artists are ignorant too. Such as Facebook pages lets us know the gender, the age, and even the city of where our most engaged fans are. YouTube lets you see who, where and how long people are actually watching videos. Soundcloud also has a paid feature where you can see this valuable information that makes us understand the same fan profile of age, gender, location. Again, if you don’t start treating your music as a serious business where you take time out to research your business. You will be forever working that Job you hate. With those people you don’t like.  Thank you for reading. I left some links to articles to read below that may help you in your journey. Keep fighting.


YouTube audience retention:


Short Attentions spans in general:


Facebook Analytics: