How In the F#$k do I build a fan base?

Building a fan base comes only after deciding several key factors in your art. Who am I? Who am I talking to? Where do they hang out? What do they want to hear? How do I satisfy them and keep them engaged. Basically find out whom you are targeting.

In the beginning of my journey as a musician I didn’t know who I was talking to. Which led me to get no results. In a result this made me frustrated with music and I actually gave up for a couple of years. Once you decide what your voice is going to be. It will make your journey a lot easier. For example, Trey Songz caters to women who have secret sexual desires, hint the self proclaimed “Mr. steal your girl” title and the adulteress songs he makes (that are dope af). Migos and Gucci cater to the trap and the hood. 

These artists understand their target audience and satisfy what they want to hear with in their music genre. How they market, what they say and even what they post about reflects this target market. From the trap houses of Atlanta to the woman in another man’s bedroom, you can please your audience by knowing whom you are talking to. Find out whom you are talking to and try to stay in the general range of what your target audience wants to hear from you.

Don’t market your POP music about raves and party foam in a Bankhead, GA barbershop. Your target audience is not there. It is going to frustrate and discourage you that no one is responding to your music.

Now that you have figured out whom you are talking to. Another way to start from ground zero. Start featuring on other established indie artists who are talking to the same general audience. Like how Trey Songz and Chris brown did a tour together. They both helped the other gain more and a different fan base that where not as expose to their music. 

Hold competitions and raffles to build buzz about your music. Giving incentives to your fans will make people want to support you and even make it fun for them. Each fan should be gaining you ten other fans. Now don’t be a jerk or overbearing about sharing. No one likes a spammer. I am guilty of this a lot. I had to learn to chill. Let the people make the choice to listen from your marketing or unique promo.

Again once you built your self up with fans. Keep thinking of new ways to keep them engaged with photos, videos and tweets. Become other people’s fans. Don’t be selfish you are not Michael Jackson… yet. Like some photos, share some other artists songs and comment on some art you like. This will bring positive energy.

Most of all is consistency. Fans and even haters respect consistency. Don’t give up. This is not an overnight path. Do your research, make a plan and stick to it. 

Remember your fans are everything. You are nothing with out your fans. Peace out.