HOW to get booked

Ever wondered why your not getting booked?

You want to know why you’re not getting booked? You overselling your draw! The draw is the biggest and main reason why music artists get booked. When you’re hot and you can draw people to the venue, the world is yours. IF you’re new like me with a little fan base, then you have a lot of dues to pay. Open mics, paid auditions and possibly being swindled doing both of these things. How do you get out of this cycle? You have to increase YOUR draw.

To do that you have to get certain things in order, with that I have to ask certain questions

·      Do you have a press kit?

·      How many fans WILL come to your shows?

·      Do you understand what your fans want to see?

·      Have you perfected and have a routine to your live show?

·      Have you came up with a target market, where your music will be best performed?

There are a lot of things you must asset before being able to get booked. You must have an appeal to your fans to see your live show. Read and research what is best for your genre. Focus your bookings with organized contacts and follow up with each venue to see what do they expect from the draw.