Music money

Funding your music

Funding your music can be very stressful and tedious. Having to work a regular job just to fuel something you believe in, sucks.   But unless you have very good credit or a rich parent or sign a deal which is basically going to rape you until you have the fame to go successfully independent. You could feel stuck and you can feel like it’s hopeless when it comes to funding your music. 

I want to tell you that you can make money from your music to fund your music. But your skin will have to be very thick. Lets say you don’t have enough money to do anything but record get a light mix and some CDs printed. I know for a lot of us. It is awkward and in some cases illegal to hit the streets and sell your CDs. But this is a real and tangible way besides your Job or Jobs to make some income to finance other aspects of your career.

With this will come the losing the fear of rejection or someone throwing your CD on the ground. Just let them do what there going to do. But if your backs against the wall and you truly believe in your music, I can give you some salesmanship tips that can help you.

·      Introduce your self

·      Give them a reason why they should want to “own” the music. Don’t say “buy”

·      Tell them they can give a donation of their choosing. Your result will vary but it will make people more comfortable to give you something for your music.