The Lonely life of the musician/entrepreneur

The Lonely life of the musician/entrepreneur

I once heard a quote from Michael Jackson. That  “people don’t see the work that goes into a project; they see result of work, which is the final project/product.“In more or less words, yes, I am paraphrasing what he said. But ultimately I hope you can see the truth in his words. A lot of work goes into doing something from scratch. Taking an idea or a vision in your mind and using all of your reality to make the dream tangible.

That is where the loneliness comes in. Yes of course through your journey you have friends, family and even romance as a musician/entrepreneur. But the journey shows you that the gulf will only become bigger; the more focused you become, to make the idea in your mind’s eye something that could be seen, felt and even tasted. As you eat more expensive meals as the success comes. But they loneliness will come. And you could be surrounded with a room full of people. While sharing a bed with a whole person and still feel completely isolated.

But why is that? Why do many of us serious musicians and serious entrepreneurs feel so alone. I cannot give a universal answer but I can give my perspective and observation why I believe this isolation we feel is so common.  Imagine you are in a crowd of people. And that crowd of people is moving north. But you see “something” that turns you in the opposite direction, south. You cannot stop yourself. You cannot just follow the crowd of people moving north. Because that “something” you see is burning the back of your head the more you travel north. But when you travel south against the crowd. You have to push and slide by and bow to some people to get by. And you have to do this repeatedly. But that burning you felt moving north; away from that “something” turns into Pure Joy. 

The rift in your relationships comes in when you try to grab people who are following the crowd. They cannot see what you see; so they tell you to “stop” “wait” “slow down” “turn around” They may speak it. Or they may show it in action. By requiring the effort it takes to move towards the “something.” So you can either carry them or let them go. The “something” is not real yet. So you cannot reason with the reasonable. You can’t touch the “something” yet so you won’t make sense to the sensible.

We as musician/entrepreneurs are willing to suffer to get to that “something” but everyone that you cross paths with on the journey will not see what you see. Also, you will not be able to force them. So as you go further towards that “something” you are looking for. More and more will drop off. Until the faithful day that you met someone else who is going south instead of north with you. And you can walk and slide by and bow to some people to get by. To reach that something. XXXtentacion spoke a lot of depression and loneliness even after success. Because the money wasn't the subsitute for genuine love.