Project Youngin

BE SAFE: Project Youngin Allegedly Shot While Sitting In His Car On IG Live!

Once again allegedly another rapper from florida appears to have been shot on live. What is going on with our culture of hip hop and rap music? That we now see this increase in violence towards artists. I know some will say these rappers bring it on themselves. But why can't rappers enjoy the fruits of their labor most successful business men live large. Most listeners won't even listen to a struggling artist. Most people want to see rappers flash, they want to see rappers stunt; they want to champion a winner. There is only 2 major rappers in my mind that have made it to a large audience without doing such stunts. Kendrick & J cole. Rapper Project Youngin his target market is the hood from what I have heard from listening to his music.

It is sad that target market will destroy you if given the opportunity. I know it is hard out here for normal people. I may be an artist but I go through my struggles as well. So you may see these flashy rap artists if you are improvished as a "lick" or a come up. But these rappers are real people with real families. And most of the flash and braggadocio stunts are for marketing. Because from what I know from being an artist; most people don't care until they see you winning. Until they see you shinning. And it is sad that someone is out there plotting on you to take what little you may have. Most of the time the flash is all they have to get you to listen to their real passion which is there music. If audience start accepting rappers without the flash more often. The need to be extravagant will not be a neccesity for these artists who have these targets that need to see this flash. Before they will support the artist. Because if no one was buying it. No one will sell it. Prayers go up to Project Youngin. Hopefully he is okay. And hopefully he will be careful about where he does his promo IG videos.

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