Everyone is talking about Machine Gun Kelly versus Eminem off of his new diss the "Rap Devil." The only thing I can think about is the possible aftermath; Eminem coming with a relentless and ruthless rebuttal. People forget that Eminem has a background in battle rap; real, live & in person battle rap. So for people in the new social media age to just count Eminem down and out like he lost is a little hasty. In music in today; social media seems to be the judge of who wins or who loses a rap battle these days. But hopefully people's opinions can be unbiased once all the rebuttals are out in the forefront. 

Machine Gun Kelly did go very hard in his diss he said a lot of memorable topics like how he is the same as Eminem; by having a daughter and just trying to make a living for his self and his daughter. Also how Eminem has tried allegedly tried to block him and he tried to get MGK to apologize for certain things that he said six years ago. MGK also touches on how generally Eminem is acting more so like a spoiled brat than the God MC that he claims to be.

But Eminem is a legend lyrically he is not someone that should be taken lightly and just counted out with one diss. He has experience with beef and rap battles so I am more so interested to see how the entire track battles between these two will go.

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If Your Beat Sucks. You Suck.

If Your Beat Sucks. You Suck.

If your beat sucks, you suck.  Before you come at me with the pitchforks and torches hear me out. I said this in a previous blog. That as “independent artists we have a depressing job making random people believe in our music the way we do ourselves.” I can safely say if you are rapping or singing on a wack beat. You just made that job, that much more difficult.