STAA Brand Celestial Knee-High Sock

STAA Brand Celestial Knee-High Sock (Flagship product)

STAA Brand Celestial Knee-High Sock (Flagship product)

Are you looking for fashion that will actually make a difference. Be apart of a brand that will help you look, feel and embody nobility because of what it represents? The STAA brand “Celestial Knee-High Sock” is the answer. Not only is this sock simply fashionable but it will help us at Shadow The Archangel LTD co. do good all across the world. The way preorders help with that is; 10% of our proceeds will go back to the people of impoverished countries through financial gifts, giveaways and contest. We will do the giving personally and person by person to ensure the ones who need it will be helped.

That will help real people that you can see; that we post on our instagram @shadowtheaaofficiel. Our goal is to heal the world by reviving romance in music and creating a brand that represents love, regality, humility, kindness, determination, bravery and duty.

(Instagram Disclaimer: We cannot control how fans/supporters interpret our music or our message and how they choose to send us their cultural dances. We do our best to curate but show the ones that support us, support by posting them. Some occasions it is classy and choreographed some occaisions it is not. We do not want to alienate anyone from sending us their love and support. We are an adaptive company that understands times have changed and we must be more open to how people show their enthusiasm for the products).

This is one of our early flagship products to help us support our greater goal and vision beyond just music and entertainment. Your support for this pre-order product will sow a seed to a much greater movement of job creation, philanthropy and verifiable charitable acts of service. We will also donate to trust worthy non-profits as our business grows.

About the STAA Brand Celestial Knee-High Sock

These socks are 75% cotton, 22% Polyester, 3% Spandex

We expect product to be able to ship in the United States by Nov 30th 2019. The Product will be available to ship globally around the same time. Perfect for peak season.

We have different QTYs available for pre-order 1 pair, 2 pairs, 6 pairs and 12 pairs. Also available for stock at retail store fronts. All orders come with store packaging.

We will collect all of our customer’s information to send the product when we have shipments in for fulfillment. We value your privacy and do not give out your information to 3rd parties. We use PayPal as a merchant tool who we have great standing with.

All shipping for private consumer orders are free and included in the price for customers in the United States of America. Unfortunately for our global supporters we must charge a shipping fee according to the location of your country.

We fulfil to both private consumers via USPS first-class shipping. The product is a retail packaged product that can also be ordered via flexible minimum quanity custom quote to to customers who operate a store front. Smallest retail bulk order 1000 pair mininum. Units for order. We can offer a bulk discount for all store front. Separate shipping cost will vary depending on size of order and speed of delivery.

What you will receive with your pre-order is the OTY(s) of your order and a handwritten thank you letter from Shadow The Archangel, personalized with your name. Disclaimer: Shadow The Archangel’s handwriting is horrible and he has very bad grammar. But each letter will be from the heart.

Once you receive your socks please send us photos to post on IG @shadowtheaaofficiel or Tweet us @shadowtheaa

Refund Policy:

All pre-orders will be used as a portion of start up capital for this venture. So we ask all who are touched to support us to understand that these orders are non-refundable once placed and queued to be fulfilled. We will however do our best to resend lost packages. We warn you that these socks were primarily made for women. But can be used for men. But might fit smaller on people with larger feet. Refund will be given if by some unforseen circumstance we will not have the product in stock at all.

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